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The Duvall Process

Duvall & Associates has made extensive investments in technology to allow us to better serve our clients. Our database of over 50,000 industry specific resumes has been built over decades. We have an extremely strong network of executives and industry contacts that we tap into.

What we've learned is that even the most current technology and a database of millions can take you only so far. It is the personal involvement and commitment to the success of our clients and candidates that produces searches with excellent results.Our first step is to work with our hiring executives to define and fine-tune the various job descriptions. We find these positions fall into two categories: unique, one of a kind requirements (usually executive level) and "we need as many talented and experienced people as you can provide us." Our strength is the unique candidate who will be a key player, but we have also successfully produced the talent to build national sales teams, entire marketing departments, product managers, and teams of sales engineers. Next we begin the research process that is as personal as using our own industry network, and as far-reaching as extensive internet research and the deployment of appropriate independent contractors as part of our research team. The ability to attract the qualified candidate to your company is perhaps our greatest value. We stand above our competition for the active (looking) candidate and we are credible and persuasive to the passive (not looking now) candidate.

We learn to work well with your company's internal resources and requirements to facilitate the interview and hiring process. Because we take the time to know our candidates well, what their goals, expectations, and aversions are, we can offer invaluable insight for making an offer that will be accepted. We can assist with compensation expectations for industry and geographic competitiveness.


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